QRA - Quantum Reflex Analysis

QRA Quantum Reflex Analysis, is a one-of-a-kind, effective modality which tests the bio-energetic status of the body’s key organs and glands using a university-proven muscle testing technique of medically accepted reflex points. During a session, I test these key points on the body’s surface to determine how bio-energetic they are. I either get a strong or weak reading from the muscle test. This is very obvious to the client so that he/she can follow the readings themselves. A parent can be a surrogate for a child or someone disabled.

How Can QRA Help You? I can quickly pinpoint problem areas and determine the nutrients that are needed in the amounts needed in order to rapidly restore the ideal cellular resonance of that particular organ or gland

What is an IF? An Interference Field (IF) is an area of the body that has been previously traumatized either from an old scar, accident, this includes dental work in the mouth. Even though a trauma may have occurred years ago and is no longer noticeable, it can still act like a powerful short circuit that blocks the body’s natural energy flow to a specific organ or gland.

Do You Have Hidden IFs?  Everyone has some I.F. and these are quite common and are seldom considered in most practitioner evaluations. It is not unusual to find that the root cause of many health issues is due to hidden Interference Fields. QRA can swiftly identify them and eliminate them so the cause of the illness can be cleared away in order to allow the body to heal. Take the example of a hose with a kink. The water can’t flow through the hose unless the kink (or interference) has been fixed. Interference Fields can cause a cascade of problems.

Thimble or Wheelbarrow? The body is a self-healing machine and it can heal itself when you give it what it needs. If you’ve been sick for years and you’re still not well, it’s a sure bet that what you’re doing is not what your body needs. Sometimes just eliminating Interference Fields can change a person’s life. Sometimes addressing geopathic stress and emotional blocks are the keys

You are already taking a barrowful of supplements. Why should you take the ones I prescribe? Most supplements, believe it or not, test toxic. Premier Research Lab products are excipient free. They contain no toxic tagalongs like magnesium serrate, fillers, or dyes. Over time, those things can destroy the DNA. Chances are many of the products you buy will not be utilized by your body. My testing can prove this to you. My clients are pleasantly surprised when they start on the pure natural supplements. Never before have clients, seen such a difference in their energy. Dr. Marshall the founder of Premier Research Laboratories has invested in rare, state-of-the-art equipment that tests every product that is sent to his lab. Whatever tests toxic, is immediately sent back to the source. Dr. Marshall uses only herbs and products from parts of the world that are free of pollutants. Your body responds to these products from “Premier Research” and good health returns very quickly. 

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I am a nutritionist who practices what she preaches, sometimes our wellness problems go beyond what we can diagnose ourselves. I knew as soon as I met Robin and learned how she works i was in good hands. Liz Thearle

Robin's ability at determining my health issues resulted in a relatively quick turnaround from was becoming a very debilitating condition and can report theat 1 year from when i first started the downhill slide in my health and 9 months after first visiting Robin, am back as good or better what i was at the time and able to perform all the physical activities I want or need to. Neville Muntz

I am so grateful for the support Robin has offered to me via telephone consultations. Earlier this year I was booked into hospital for a serious operation. I was also phsyically and emotionally  drained after nursing my father. Robin's corrections plus advice on vitamins and Hell homeopathic products has enabled me to boost my healing and energy levels. Thank you once again for sharing your wonderful gift. SJ

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