Homotoxicologyis the bridge between classical homeopathy and conventional medicine. I am a German/Australian-trained Homotoxicologist and use the "Heel" homeopathic remedies and I am able to prescribe these in three ways; pillules, liquids or using Biomesotherapy, where I administer these remedies to your body.

These remedies are combination formulations which contain measured amounts of active ingredients and are used for specific indications. Many amazing changes take place in the large number of people that I work with.

One of the first things that comes up for most people is a 'detox' using three different remedies which work on the total digestive system, kidneys / liver, and lymphatic system of the body. Toxins are the cause of many conditions, and by eliminating these, your body can change from dis-ease to health.

These remedies are used extensively in Europe, where I worked for four years, and many athletes use them instead of steroids for injuries, and to keep themselves in top health. People who have poor health for many years acknowledge how quickly their condition has responded with these remedies. They are also safe for infants, and the elderly.

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I am a nutritionist who practices what she preaches, sometimes our wellness problems go beyond what we can diagnose ourselves. I knew as soon as I met Robin and learned how she works i was in good hands. Liz Thearle

Robin's ability at determining my health issues resulted in a relatively quick turnaround from was becoming a very debilitating condition and can report theat 1 year from when i first started the downhill slide in my health and 9 months after first visiting Robin, am back as good or better what i was at the time and able to perform all the physical activities I want or need to. Neville Muntz

I am so grateful for the support Robin has offered to me via telephone consultations. Earlier this year I was booked into hospital for a serious operation. I was also phsyically and emotionally  drained after nursing my father. Robin's corrections plus advice on vitamins and Hell homeopathic products has enabled me to boost my healing and energy levels. Thank you once again for sharing your wonderful gift. SJ

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