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Aquarian Healing focuses on what is causing the imbalance/dis-ease in the client by using a combination of different methods including muscle testing and energy work. Healing requirements are prioritised by working through an extensive scan list using muscle testing. This may mean working with the meridians/muscles/organs, establishing which vitamins and minerals may be lacking and identifying emotions that may be causing blockages while working with your physical, mental and emotional aspects of the body. Blockages identified through the muscle testing method can then be energetically dealt with and corrected.

Every person is different and there is no one rule followed with this method. However many life-changing transformations occur from working in this way and many many clients from all around the world have benefitted from Robin using this method of energy work.

Aquarian Healing was demonstrated at the World Conference of Healers in Basil Switzerland in 2004 in front of 2000 people which included many Drs of Medicine, Parapsychologists, Religious and lay people. All were amazed by the changes that were able to be observed and tested. Since this time Robin has taught this method of Aquarian healing to many people in Europe, England, Norway and of course in Australia and New Zealand

Aquarian Wellness Centre

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43A Charles Upham Ave, Hillmorton, Christchurch, New Zealand


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I am a nutritionist who practices what she preaches, sometimes our wellness problems go beyond what we can diagnose ourselves. I knew as soon as I met Robin and learned how she works i was in good hands. Liz Thearle

Robin's ability at determining my health issues resulted in a relatively quick turnaround from was becoming a very debilitating condition and can report theat 1 year from when i first started the downhill slide in my health and 9 months after first visiting Robin, am back as good or better what i was at the time and able to perform all the physical activities I want or need to. Neville Muntz

I am so grateful for the support Robin has offered to me via telephone consultations. Earlier this year I was booked into hospital for a serious operation. I was also phsyically and emotionally  drained after nursing my father. Robin's corrections plus advice on vitamins and Hell homeopathic products has enabled me to boost my healing and energy levels. Thank you once again for sharing your wonderful gift. SJ

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